Cold rooms

Main features of our cold rooms

Find out why our cold rooms are market leaders.

Dispatched in 48 hours

Receive your cold room in just 48 hours. In addition, you can add the corresponding refrigeration equipment to the cold room.

Ideal for stock purposes

Few panel references for a wide range of dimensions.

Easy to expand

It is very easy to increase the dimensions of an already installed cold room, either in one direction or the other.

Total insulation

Insulated corners and ceilings are supported directly at the vertical panel.

Perfect outlook

Thanks to the exclusive design of our fastening system, it remains invisible, achieving the best aesthetics.

Easy assembly and disassembly

Allows the ceiling to be mounted after the vertical panels have been mounted and dismantled without the need to remove the vertical panels.


Our service includes commercial advice, support from our technical sales office, site measurement, logistics, assembly coordination and after-sales service. We are backed by more than 45 years of experience.

One-stop supplier

At KIDE we are panel manufacturers, but we also manufacture doors and refrigeration equipment, so you can centralise your needs with a single supplier.

Manufacturing in discontinuous form

It provides production flexibility, allows to manufacture panels to size, thickness and other specific requirements of the customers.

Complete solution

Includes: cold room, refrigeration equipment, and set of trays and rack holders.


Interchangeable panels of injected polyurethane, with a far simpler mounting and easily expandable.


For storage of products at low or medium temperatures.

What advantages does Kide offer?


We ensure high performance, technical warranty, and efficient consumption.

360 Integral Solution

We act from start to finish, providing solutions throughout the entire value chain.


We give you access to a wide range of services to develop your project in the most comfortable and precise way.


We offer you the best lead times in the market for chambers. Speed at Kide is a constant commitment."

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Cold rooms

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