Cold room

Our industrial cold rooms offers you maximum insulation and airtightness.
Industrial cold room
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Comprehensive solution

We include commercial advice, support from our technical sales office, site measurement, logistics, assembly coordination and after-sales service.

One-stop supplier

At KIDE we are panel manufacturers, but we also manufacture doors and refrigeration equipment, so you can centralise your needs with a single supplier.

Added value

We specify and dispatch all necessary materials for assembling the cold room.

We adapt to your needs


We custom-design each cold room for every project. We offer panels with widths of 1180 and 1100 for container transport, with a maximum panel length of 12 m and a broad range of thicknesses to meet the most stringent insulation requirements.

Panel joint system

We employ an eccentric hook system to ensure optimal tightness at the joints. Additionally, we provide the option of manufacturing without joining mechanisms.

Panel ready for assembly

Featuring thermal bridge breaks and sword-shaped supports for the roof.

Discontinuous manufacturing

Production flexibility

Our manufacturing system allows us to adapt much more easily to the demands of our customers, both in terms of delivery times and in terms of sizes, thicknesses and other specific requirements.

Instant response

Enabling instantaneous replacement of any panel in the event of damage during installation. In the event of damage during installation.

Easy assembly

The eccentric hook system and the factory preparation of the panels facilitate the assembly and ensure the quality of the assembly.

Maximum insulation

Male-female joint

KIDE has developed a double tongue and groove system which, together with the hook system, gives the panel the best performance in terms of watertightness and fire resistance.

Stainless steel camlock

The hook fastening system ensures the adjustment of one panel against the other, achieving maximum airtightness without depending on the installer. The stainless steel hook prevents the system from rusting and ensures its removability.

Kide system

In recognition of this, the advantages of our hook fastening system are also the advantages of our hook fastening system mean that it is quicker and easier to and ease of assembly compared to conventional systems.



Energy efficiency

The airtightness of our cold rooms thanks to the eccentric hook joint system and the male-female format guarantees total insulation, reducing consumption to a minimum.


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