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KSQ - Cheese drying units

Dryers designed to carry out any type of cheese drying, curing and maturing process.


General features

  • Easy-to-install units
  • Curing process and outdoor climate are totally independent.
  • Our system avoids product loss.
  • Product homogeneity.
  • Sanitary control.
  • Full factory tested and commissioned.
  • Use of compression heat to keep the same room temperature during the drying process.
  • Fast and effective defrosting by hot gas.
  • Range of temperatures between 0 ºC (refrigeration and drying) and 35 ºC (heating).
  • Advanced control system (KIDEMATIC micro-processor, P.L.C. automatons, specific software, etc.).
  • Autonomous or centralized.
  • Equipment for connection to a refrigeration plant (NH3, Glycol, etc.).
  • Study and design of the best solution for the air distribution ducts of each dryer, providing the installation sketch of the same.
  • Supply of discharge cones, adjustable return nozzles, and motorized gates.

Optional features

  • Supply and assembly or supply of galvanized, stainless, or textile ducts.
  • Evaporator battery and internal condenser with stainless steel pipe (primarily for sausages and cheeses).
  • External condenser with EC fans, silent fans, centrifugal fans and anti-corrosion treatment for saline environments.
  • Partial or total heat recovery for hot water use.
  • Hot water or steam battery for auxiliary heat supply.
  • Humidification system.
  • Tandem drying unit, available for 2 chambers
  • Equipment at 60 Hz.
  • Special wooden packaging for container shipment.
  • 10” control screen.
  • Oil separator.
  • Suction separator.
  • KIDE has developed complementary technological solutions, depending on the room type and the drying unit’s process or application: air flow reverse, double and triple air injection, outdoor air use or humidifier.

Energy efficiency

El desarrollo de nuestros equipos está orientado a la optimización del sistema frigorífico, utilizando compresores de primeras marcas y con un diseño que garantiza el mejor rendimiento.

Además, nuestra tendencia hacia el uso de refrigerantes naturales o A2L nos permite ofrecer al mercado equipos con un mínimo impacto ambiental, siendo la sostenibilidad uno de los focos estratégicos de KIDE.


" KIDE's technical team carried out a personalised study and project development that perfectly matched the client's needs. Very satisfied with the final result. Paz C. Engineering
" We are a company dedicated to the production of ham and KIDE has established itself as one of the key suppliers. Very professional team and good performance of the machines. David S. Manager
" In KIDE’s Compact Mini Dryer, we found the ideal solution for our case, along with the necessary technical advice for its proper installation and use. Pedro V. Entrepreneur

Project highlights

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