Drying and ageing units

Main features of our drying and ageing equipment

Discover why our products are market leaders.

Pre-loaded with R449-A refrigerant.

We prepare each unit in our factory to ensure installation is as fast and easy as possible.

Automatic hot gas defrost

Fast, efficient hot gas defrosting.

Reciprocating hermetic compression

We use components made by leading brands to ensure the highest quality.


Auxiliary heat by means of electrical resistances.

Compact design

Compact or split units, easy to install, tested and regulated in our factory.

Low energy consumption

Energy saving by using the heat of compression.

Product uniformity

Maintains uniformity in the product curing process at all times.

Defrost system

Fast, efficient hot gas defrosting.

Range of temperatures

Range of temperatures between 0ºC (refrigeration and drying) and 35ºC (heating).

Easy-to-install units

Kide's drying and ageing units have a fast and simple installation system.

Making the most of heat from compression

This heat can be used to maintain the room's temperature throughout the drying process.

No more product loss

We're backed by more than 45 years of experience in these processes.


Curing process independent to the outdoor climate

Advanced control system

KIDEMATIC microprocessor, PLCs, specific software, etc.

Factory run-in

Full factory tested and commissioned.

Three process control probes

Room, product interior and product exterior probes.

Compact, autonomous or centralised units

Easy-to-install units tested and adjusted in our workshops.

Autonomous units with

Hot water/glycol, electrical resistors and steam.

What advantages does Kide offer?


We ensure high performance, technical warranty, and efficient consumption.

360 Integral Solution

We act from start to finish, providing solutions throughout the entire value chain.


We give you access to a wide range of services to develop your project in the most comfortable and precise way.


We offer you the best lead times in the market for chambers. Speed at Kide is a constant commitment."

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