Modular cabinet

KIDE modular cabinets are a full solution for the storage of products at low or medium temperature. Includes: cold room, refrigeration equipment, and set of trays and rack holders.

General features

Interchangeable panels of injected polyurethane, with a far simpler mounting and easily expandable.

Includes: cold room, refrigeration equipment, and set of trays and rack holders.

For storage of products at low or medium temperatures. Choice of 1, 2, 3 or 4 opening.

Rigid polyurethane foam without CFCs or HCFCs. Density: 40 kg/m3 (+3 -0kg/m3).

Panel thickness: 80 mm.

Eccentric joint hook with Allen key.

Galvanised steel. Lacquer: polyester paint, 25 microns. Including primer.

Compliant to EN 10169. With and food grade, with peelable protection film.

Smooth internal and external finishing.

Small swing hatch of 605 x 800 mm per loop (2 units).

Large swing door of 605 x 1700 mm per loop (1 unit).

When the cabinet is used at low temperature, the doors shall be fitted with an electrical resistance in the door frame and a pressure balancing valve.

A standard tray-holder set is included for trays with dimensions of 600 x 400, made of stainless steel, per loop. Each set consists of four adjustable feet each 70 mm, four sets of guides (2 units/set) and eight epoxy grids.

KIDE compact monoblock roof refrigeration unit. Refrigerant preloaded and ready for operation. Easy to assemble.

Energy efficiency

The airtightness of our cold rooms thanks to the eccentric hook joint system and the male-female format guarantees total insulation, reducing consumption to a minimum.


" Our collaboration with KIDE has spanned several years and has always been very positive. I want to highlight their professionalism, service and swift response to any incidents. Jorge P. Distributor
" If I had to sum up KIDE in one word, it would be quality. We are highly satisfied with the comprehensive service they provide for our projects. Virginia B. Engineering
" I have been collaborating with KIDE for years, always achieving good results. What I appreciate most about the panels is their ease of assembly. Juan G. Installer

Project highlights

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