New drying unit facility in León

Sector : Cold Meats

Location: León (Spain)

Products: Panels, doors, drying and maturing equipment


For this project, one of our leading clients in the cold meat sector in León needed to expand their facilities used to produce salted meat.. This was quite a challenge that would help them to continue increasing their presence in this market.

Customer requirements

The customer was clear about the numbers they wanted to cover with this new project. In a warehouse of 2,500 m2:

  • Installation of 6 drying units, each with a capacity for 40,000 kg of salted meat.
  • Installation of 2 ageing rooms, each with a capacity for 150,000 kg of product.
  • Installation of premium industrial doors for intensive use.
  • Inclusion of skinplate finish in cold rooms, making them more resistant to aggressive environments.
  • Automation in the movement of pieces from the drying process and ageing room to storage via the use of hangers.

Solution provided by Kide

Once we’d gathered all the necessary information and specifications, our team kick-started this exciting project filled with a desire to meet each and every one of the client’s specifications.

Undoubtedly, our strength on this occasion was once again our COMPREHENSIVE NATURE.. Comprehensive in terms of product, including panel, doors and drying and ageing units by Kide, with every special detail required.

Comprehensive in terms of service. At Kide, we offer an all-encompassing service that starts with our Sales Technical Office designing each material, unit and detail for the project.. Then our Production team springs into action and prepares everything so our Logistics Department can get involved within the agreed time frame.

But our work doesn’t end there: in this case, we worked alongside one of our leading installation companies in the area to execute each specification and ensure optimal start-up.


  • In this case, we underscored the COMPREHENSIVE product and service solution offered by Kide. For our customer, the option of centralising things really facilitated the project’s control and development.

Kide drying and ageing solutions

  • We perform a personalised study for each project.
  • KNOW-HOW. We have been developing drying and ageing units for more than 40 years.
  • Technical sales assistance. We have specialised technicians on hand to help.

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