Cold room doors

Main features of our doors

Discover why our doors are market leaders.

Ease of assembly

Assembly time is reduced to a minimum, thanks to the frame and jamb system, with corresponding savings.

Wide product range

In dimensions, thicknesses, key lock and other options.

Hinge PH01

Stainless steel axle, height adjustment and lifting ramp.


Wide range of exterior and interior finishes.


Aluminium with thermal break, lacquered RAL9006.

Lock G-200

Possibility of key lock.


The ultimate in durability. Door guaranteed for 350.000 openings. Interior and exterior glass is tempered.


Anodised aluminium profile, heated frame, door blocking system set at 90 º, automatic closer with torsion bar and magnetic seal.


Thermal frame with fluorescent tube lighting. LED optional

Regulating system

Quick and easy to ensure the door is watertight.


It rests on the frame, extending the life of the door.

Guiding and locking system

The elevated floor system does not depend on the state of the floor, so we avoid the problems arising from this. It also avoids drilling holes in the finished floor.

Hinge G-981

Heavy-duty composite hinge with lifting ramp.


Aluminium with thermal break, lacquered RAL9006.

Maximum watertightness and robustness

Design aimed at achieving maximum watertightness on large doors, with a two-point locking system. The fittings guarantee high strength.


Outer and inner levers in stainless steel.


Injected in polyurethane with the same finish as the leaf.


Insulating panels reinforced with a 2mm stainless steel perimeter profile.

Maximum watertightness

It has double weatherstripping, one of which is rubber and the second inflatable. This together with the locking mechanisms ensures a perfect seal.

Locking mechanisms

These mechanisms ensure a perfect and airtight seal.

Inspection hatch

Light 600 x 800, fitted with handle with external lock, internal security opening system and magnetic sealing strip.


The door is fitted with a system that prevents the door from falling in the event of the two lifting cables breaking.

Ease of use

Easy opening and closing thanks to the counterweight. It has only one counterweight, which makes it easy to mount and reduces the space required for installation...


The aluminium guide, designed specifically for this purpose, meets the requirements of robustness, safety and ease of installation.

What advantages does Kide offer?


We ensure high performance, technical warranty, and efficient consumption.

360 Integral Solution

We act from start to finish, providing solutions throughout the entire value chain.


We give you access to a wide range of services to develop your project in the most comfortable and precise way.


We offer you the best lead times in the market for chambers. Speed at Kide is a constant commitment."

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