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Cold room

Our EVEREST modular cold room guarantees total insulation thanks to its male-female format system. In addition, it is easy to assemble and disassemble and has very good aesthetics thanks to its invisible joints.

General features

The fastening system that KIDE has developed guarantees a perfect fit between the different panels, both between the verticals and between the verticals and the ceiling panels. As a result, the degree of insulation offered by the cold room once mounted is total.

In addition, the corner pieces of this type of cold room are injected.

The EVEREST modular cold room has a much more perfect aesthetics by hiding the joints as much as possible.

The union system with the joints between the panels goes in the vertical sense, allowing the ceiling to be assembled after assembling the vertical panels and to be dismantled without unfastening the joints.

190 mm. Panel widths 380, 570, 950 and 1140 mm. Customized heights.

60, 75, 100, 120, 150 mm.

Several finishings and reinforcements are available for different applications/loads.

Standard: White lacquered galvanized steel sheet with protection film. White RAL 9010. Foodsafe approved.

Optional: Stainless steel, PET, PVC coated, different colours…

Male-female format with stainless steel Camlock.

Energy efficiency

The airtightness of our cold rooms thanks to the eccentric hook joint system and the male-female format guarantees total insulation, reducing consumption to a minimum.


" Our collaboration with KIDE has spanned several years and has always been very positive. I want to highlight their professionalism, service and swift response to any incidents. Jorge P. Distributor
" If I had to sum up KIDE in one word, it would be quality. We are highly satisfied with the comprehensive service they provide for our projects. Virginia B. Engineering
" I have been collaborating with KIDE for years, always achieving good results. What I appreciate most about the panels is their ease of assembly. Juan G. Installer

Project highlights

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