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EMB - Compact wall-mounted - R-290

Monoblock commercial compact refrigeration wall equipment for cold storage rooms, which have a small volume, and for use in medium and low temperatures. R-290 refrigerant


General features

  • Pre-charged with refrigerant.
  • Hermetic compressor.
  • Expansion by Thermostatic valve.
  • High pressure control.
  • Automatic defrosting by hot gas.
  • System for partial evaporation of defrosting water.
  • Cable for supply, light and door micro switch (2,5 m).
  • Multi-function electronic control integrated in the front panel.
  • Watertight light point with energy-saving LED bulb.
  • Ceramic filter dryer.
  • Probe alert “dirty condenser.
  • Isolation panel included.
  • Install under roof.

Optional features

  • Winter Kit.
  • Rotation / failure system for two units.
  • Synchronized defrost system for two units.
  • Voltage protector.
  • Anti-corrosion treatment on condenser / evaporator coil.
  • Monitoring and control system.

Energy efficiency

El desarrollo de nuestros equipos está orientado a la optimización del sistema frigorífico, utilizando compresores de primeras marcas y con un diseño que garantiza el mejor rendimiento.

Además, nuestra tendencia hacia el uso de refrigerantes naturales o A2L nos permite ofrecer al mercado equipos con un mínimo impacto ambiental, siendo la sostenibilidad uno de los focos estratégicos de KIDE.


" Very satisfied with Kide’s range of refrigeration units. It’s comprehensive and highly tailored to market needs. Manuel R. Installer
" The initial guidance from KIDE has been a pivotal factor in deciding to embark on the project we had at hand with them. From the very beginning, they shared a wealth of knowledge with us, and we are extremely content. Ángel S. Engineering
" I want to highlight the service we’ve received from the technical support team (TSS); they swiftly resolved our doubts. It’s a pleasure to work with such a thorough and approachable team. Ana M. Manager

Project highlights

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