Welcome to Kide News

Welcome to Kide News, our blog dedicated to the refrigeration industry! Through this space, we will share with you the latest news and technological advances in the industrial refrigeration sector and Kide.

What kind of content will we publish?

What’s new in refrigeration technologies: We will explore the latest technologies in the field of industrial refrigeration. We will discover how these technologies are revolutionising the way we keep products and processes at optimum temperatures.

Energy efficiency: We will dive into the importance of energy efficiency in industrial refrigeration. We will look at strategies and technologies that not only maintain freshness, but also reduce environmental impact and operating costs.

Success stories: We will share stories behind some of our most challenging and rewarding projects in the world of refrigeration. From commercial spaces to industrial facilities, we will highlight how we address specific challenges and deliver customised solutions.

Interviews: We will talk to experts in the refrigeration industry or other interesting subjects. We will get their insights on current trends, sustainability and innovations that are shaping the future of industrial refrigeration.

Kide news: Of course, we will keep you up to date with the latest news and releases at Kide.

To close this post, we reaffirm that our aim is to do our bit for all professionals and enthusiasts of the sector, so we hope you enjoy it.

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