This refrigerant, which is from the A3 family, has a GWP of 3, making it one of the least harmful options for the environment.

Benefits of R290


Its low density and thermodynamic properties allow for reduced loads and relatively low working pressures.


The minimum SEPR value required by current regulations is 2.32 for units with a nominal cooling capacity of less than 300 kW using environmentally friendly refrigerants such as R290.

Green technology

Thanks to its exceptionally low GWP of 3, it can be used until 2030 without any restrictions related to the F-Gas Regulation.

Highly secure

It is a non-toxic flammable refrigerant. To ensure the highest level of safety, all units are also fitted with an explosive gas detector.

R290 containment

In order to make the units more secure and to ensure easier inspection of the installation, R290 is contained as follows: enclosed housing, gas detector, exhaust fan and transported safety valve(s).

Featured products with this technology

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