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I. Objective and scope of application

1.1. This document governs the Privacy Policy applicable to all information provided by the Users and collected by KIDE, S.Coop. while browsing the website of KIDE, S. Coop. (hereinafter called the "Web").

1.2. As a result, by browsing the Web, the user declares to accept this policy, and that the given information and data are accurate and truthful. To ensure that the information provided is always up to date and is not erroneous, the User must communicate any modification of their personal data in the shortest time possible.

1.3. The Web is property of KIDE, S. Coop, with registered offices in Polígono Gardotza s/n, 48710 Berriatua (Bizkaia), registered in the Registry of Cooperative Societies of the Basque Country, Registration Book of Cooperative Societies, on Sheet 742, Entry 3 and with tax ID number ES-F-48071377.

II. Data requested and purpose of the data

2.1. During the use of the Web through the electronic "Contact" form, KIDE requests, collects and stores the data specified in the following paragraphs with the following purposes.

2.2. With the purpose of (collecting data from potential customers), providing a better service, support and maintenance operations, (ii) verifying the identity of Users, and (iii) preventing unauthorized use of the User's profile, KIDE collects:

2.3. The data listed above may be used to respond to any comments, requests or questions of Users in relation to the Web or products and services of KIDE.

III. Registration of customers

3.1. The User will not be required to create a customer profile to use and browse the Web. However, in order to use the applications of the customer area the user must register. The reference in this policy to users will be equally applicable to customers.

3.2. In order to register as a customer, a request must be sent to KIDE, who will provide a password to access the customer area.

3.3. In the customer area, the customer may use the offers personally and for third parties, provided that they are accepted by KIDE.

3.4. As a registered customer, the User accepts this privacy policy, as well as the applicable data protection of users.

IV. IV. Consent on inclusion of personal data

4.1. KIDE informs users of the Web on its policy in regard to treatment and protection of personal data of Users collected during the use of the Web, as described in section II above.

4.2. KIDE complies with legislation in force governing the protection of personal data, in specific the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) and the Data Protection Legislation passed by way of Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December. Furthermore, KIDE declares to comply with the Law 34/2002 on Services from the Information Society and Electronic Commerce.

4.3. KIDE ensures the processing of personal data in accordance with the applicable regulations mentioned above in force at that time, as well as maximum confidentiality with respect to personal data provided by the User.

4.4. In accordance with the provisions of the legislation, KIDE declares that it only collects strictly necessary information to provide the services linked to the use of the Web.

4.5. By means of this Privacy Policy and, in any case, through voluntarily entering personal data in the electronic "Contact" form, the user provides his voluntary, free, unequivocal and specific consent of which he is informed, to include these data in an automated file, duly registered with the General Registry office of Protection of Personal Data, which is property of KIDE, S.Coop., with registered office in Polígono Gardotza s/n, 48710, Berriatua (Bizkaia), registered in the Registry of Cooperative Societies of the Basque Country, Registration Book of Cooperative Societies, on Sheet 742, Entry 3 and with tax ID number ES-F-48071377.

4.6. Furthermore, by voluntarily entering his data, the User provides his voluntary, free, unequivocal and specific consent of which he is informed for the transfer of personal data to companies of the KIDE group, with the purpose of managing the client portfolio and providing a better service to the customers.

4.7. Through the acceptance of the terms contained in the Privacy Policy, the User agrees to be bound by the obligations contained in the Privacy Policy while browsing the Web.

4.8. KIDE has implemented the necessary technical and organizational safety measures to ensure the safety of the User's personal data and avoid their modification, loss, treatment and/or unauthorized access, bearing in mind the state of technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed, whether from human action or from physical or natural means. These safety measures are recorded in the prescribed Safety Document in accordance with the LOPD (Law on Personal Data Protection). Nevertheless, in view of the reality the user accepts and assumes that no method of transmission or electronic storage is one hundred percent (100%) safe. Therefore, KIDE cannot guarantee absolute safety, but only maximum diligence with regard to the same and is only responsible up to this limit.

V. Veracity of the provided data

5.1. By means of browsing the Web, the User declares that all provided data are true and correct, and undertakes to inform KIDE of any changes in these data.

5.2. Users who provide false data may be excluded from the services of the Web, without prejudice to other legal action

5.3. In the event the User provides information from third parties, KIDE is not responsible for compliance with the principles of information and consent, so that it is the User's responsibility to inform and obtain consent of the holder of these data

VI. ARCO rights of the User

6.1. Users may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition ("ARCO rights") by writing to KIDE, S.Coop., at Polígono Gardotza s/n, 48710, Berriatua (Bizkaia) or to the address, clearly indicating first name, surname and postal address and attaching a copy of an ID, passport or other identification document.

6.2. For any questions regarding the Privacy Policy, the User may contact KIDE by writing to the above-mentioned address, or by phone **, by fax **, or by e-mail

6.3. The User is entitled to modify any information provided to KIDE (for example email address and password) at any time.

VII. Commercial information and offers

7.1. In compliance with Law 34/2002 on Services from the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, KIDE exclusively sends offers or advertising and promotions to the User's e-mail address or through another equivalent means of electronic communication to those Users who have expressly granted consent for the reception of this type of communication. Notwithstanding the above, through the acceptance of this Privacy Policy, Users expressly agree and authorize KIDE to send offers and advertising of products offered by KIDE on the Web

7.2. The User may express refusal to receive this type of communications at any time by notifying KIDE by e-mail at or by following the instructions that are given at the end of our e-mails.

VIII. Social Medias

8.1. KIDE has a profile on the social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube and is responsible for the processing of the data of their followers, subscribers, commentators and other user profiles (hereinafter called “Followers”) and of the file with personal data provided to KIDE directly by the followers for extraction or publication by KIDE

8.2. The treatment that KIDE decides to give to such data in each of the above-mentioned networks shall not go beyond the limitations for corporate profiles established by the social network itself. Thus, when the applicable law does not forbid it, KIDE may inform its followers by any means allowed by the social network on its activities, presentations, offers, as well as provide personalised customer service.

8.3. In line with the "Opinion 5/2009 on online social networking" of the Working Group on Data Protection in Article 29, it shall be understood that the followers have given their consent to receive commercial communications by becoming a "friend" or "follower" of the KIDE page on the social network in question

8.4. In no case shall KIDE extract data from social networks, unless the User gives express consent to do so.

IX. Use of Cookies

9.1. 9.1. Cookies are small data files (storage device and data recovery) generated by the web site where the user browses, which are saved on the device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) used by the User and which are retrieved during future visits. Cookies provide certain information about the user's browsing activity with the purpose of improving the web site service and providing a better user experience.

9.2. By browsing the website, the User accepts and expressly consents to the use of cookies, even though the option to reject the latter and only accept them when the User wishes is available by means of browser settings. Click on the following link for more information about Cookies used by KIDE and how to disable them: Cookie Policy.

9.3. The user must take into account that some features are available only through the use of Cookies and if these are not accepted, these features may not be available

X. Intellectual and industrial property rights

10.1. The trademarks, distinctive features, software, source code, and other intellectual and industrial property rights relating to the Web belong to KIDE regardless whether they are registered or not.

XI.XI. Modification of Privacy Policy

11.1. This Privacy Policy may be modified, adapted and/or replaced, at any time, as a result of possible legislative changes, case laws, criteria followed by the Spanish Data Protection Agency and/or the competent authority at any time or on the basis of the practices, usages and customs of the sector, as well as because of any changes decided unilaterally by KIDE, due to the above reasons or otherwise, who, in any case, undertakes to provide the user with sufficient information in a visible way about the modification of the Privacy Policy. Users can view the last update in the "Last Updated" legend at the top of this document.

11.2. Whatever the case, the User accepts and agrees to the Privacy Policy in force at any given time as a consequence of the use and browsing of the Website and the App, and that any modification made is the one published at any given time on the Website and the homepage which is accessible to the user at all times. It is possible that the User wishes to check from time to time the Privacy Policy for updates relative to how personal data are used.

11.3. Browsing the Web after an update of the Privacy Policy entails that the User accepts the terms and conditions of the updated Privacy Policy.

XII. Comments or Questions

12.1. If you have any comments, request, query or question about this Privacy Policy, please contact us

XIII. Translation into English, Frecn and Basque

13.1. The French, Basque and English versions of the Web are provided for informational purposes only. In case of any discrepancies between the contents of the French, English and/or Basque version and the original version in Spanish, the latter shall prevail.

XIV. Applicable law and jurisdiction

14.1. In the event of a dispute or conflict of interpretation of the terms of this Privacy Policy, the provisions of Spanish legislation shall apply.

14.2. However, in cases where the applicable regulations allow this, Kide and the User will be subject to the courts and tribunals of the Gernika (Bizkaia), expressly renouncing the right to any other jurisdiction.