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Kide, the cold under control
We apply our international presence in integrated projects for the entire cold chain.
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Kide Company

Kide S. Coop., is a business Group manufacturer of cold rooms, insulation panels, insulated doors, refrigeration units and drying units, offering a integral and unique solution on the market.


It is a business Group manufacturer of cold-rooms, insulation panels, insulated doors, refrigeration units and drying units, offering integral solutions to its clients and developing valuable relations with the agents it works with.

It is aimed at different sectors where activity mostly deals with installers and distributors, and it seeks to stand out in terms of its quality and service, with a value proposal that sets it apart, being a group of reference in a national sphere while having international projection.

It is a Group of companies based on cooperative principles, integrated into the MONDRAGON Group, and whose final objective is to grow in a sustainable manner, creating wealth and well-being as well as support in cultural development within its surroundings.

Our Values >> We provide more 


Great ability to achieve the required results.

We provide more for less. Greater technical guarantees, high energy performance and lower consumption.


The know-how and development and our own technological innovation.

Knowledge and control over technical decisions and development capacity.


From the beginning to the end we act proactively providing solutions throughout the chain value.

We guarantee the increased competitiveness and improved service for our partners.


Cooperative horizontal organizational model that allows a rapid response for different requirements.

We tailor solutions for each step, personalizing and looking for the best, quickest and most adequate option in each case. We generate specific and flexible solutions for our customers.