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General Conditions of Sale.pdf


Refrigeration units Commercial Serie 50HZ R404A [Descarga EQUIPOS-FRIGORIFICOS-SERIE-COMERCIAL-50HZ-R404A.pdf] Refrigeration units Commercial Serie 50HZ R449A - R452A [Descarga EQUIPOS-FRIGORIFICOS-SERIE-COMERCIAL-50HZ-R449A-R452A.pdf] Refrigeration units Commercial Serie 60HZ R404A [Descarga EQUIPOS-FRIGORIFICOS-SERIE-COMERCIAL-60HZ-R404A.pdf] Refrigeration units Industrial Serie [Descarga EQUIPOS-FRIGORIFICOS-SERIE-INDUSTRIAL.pdf] Drying units [Descarga EQUIPOS-SECADO-MADURACION.pdf] Cold Rooms [Descarga CAT-CAMARAS-EN.pdf] Doors [Descarga CAT-PUERTAS-ES-EN.pdf]

Price list

Price List Commercial Refrigeration Units [Descarga TARIFA-EQUIPOS-SERIE-COMERCIAL.pdf] Price List Doors 2017 [Descarga TARIFA-PUERTAS.pdf] Price List Cold Rooms [Descarga TARIFA-CAMARAS-ING.pdf]

Data sheets

Modular Cold Rooms [Descarga ET-INGLES-MODULAR.pdf] Industrial Refrigeration Panel [Descarga ET-INGLES-INDUSTRIAL.pdf] Doors [Descarga PUERTAS-ENG.pdf]

CE Marking

Industial Refrigeration Panel [Descarga A-73 Ed06 DP Industrial.pdf] Modular Refrigeration Panel [Descarga A-74 Ed06 DP Modular.pdf]


Quality Management System ER - 0110/1993 [Descarga ISO 9001-IQNET.pdf] Environment Management System GA - 1997/0017 [Descarga ISO 14001-Ingles.pdf] Industrial cold panel certified N by AENOR [Descarga CE020MARCAN003369_ES.pdf] Modular cold panel certified N by AENOR [Descarga CE020MARCAN003368_ES.pdf] Avis Technique certificate- Industrial cold panel [Descarga Avis Technique certificate- Industrial cold panel]

General Conditions of Sale

General Terms of use [Descarga condicionesgenerales-venta.pdf]

Integrated Policy

Integrated policy [Descarga POLITICA_INTEGRADA_EN.pdf]